Getting Things Going

Getting Things Going

Posted by Blake Fuqua - Founder and CEO on Nov 27th 2019

Hello to anyone and everyone reading this. Just thought I would start out by saying a couple things. First and foremost, a quick thank you to everyone who chooses Dead On as your one-stop-shop for parts in the high performance industry. We know there are plenty of excellent places to get parts from, so again, thank you.

 As we really get things going, I will be adding about a brand a day to be purchased from our website. While all these prices will be right along side (if not better) our competitors. If you have any questions about pricing, availability, etc on anything we have in store (which is about everything) don't hesitate to call. 

Probably 95% of our products will be drop shipped directly from manufacturers to ensure fast shipping anywhere in the United States. The other 5% may just take an extra day to arrive to us, then redistribute to you. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this if you have. I will try to update the blog fairly consistently as the months go by. It is pretty much the off season here in Tennessee as it is starting to get cold, so a lot of progression is likely to be made on the sight before the big 2020 season.